Little Boots: ‘I like being the Boss’

Get your dancing shoes out. Little Boots is back! The Disco Queen is returning to the scene with her new album Working Girl, and this time she’s done it all on her own. Yep, in pure power woman move she’s released it through her own label, and has therefore become our new career idol – as well as producing tunes that we, well, just really really want to dance to. We caught up with the singer (whose real name is Victoria Hesketh) for a chat…

Hi Victoria!
How does it feel to release music on your own label?

Amazing! It’s great because I’m totally in charge, but it’s a lot more work than I had imagined. I kept telling myself: ‘Fake it ‘til you make it’ – and it worked.=! I joke that I’m a CEO nowadays, because it’s kind of true.

Was it a tough decision?

It was hard, but after going through the whole business of being in the pop world and not entirely in control of what was being put out there, it was really important to reclaim that, to build myself as an artist and do it my own way.

Sum up your new album for us…

The songs are all about being the boss, that’s why we filmed the video for my first single  in a really old office block with all the dancers wearing suits. It’s really cinematic.

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What are you listening to at the moment?

I’m DJing a lot over summer, so I’m doing a lot of disco. I’ve been trying to find some new artists to sign to my label and there’s an American artist called Tinashe who I really love.



You’re looking pretty sharp, how would you describe your summer style?

It’s inspired by the early 90s yuppie look, kind of inspired by my album. Which explains why I’m constantly in suits now! I like to get them from Missguided and ASOS. But I love Marks and Spencer. Everyone thinks my M & S trenchcoat is actually Burberry! I’m 5ft so I just have to find the petite ranges. There aren’t enough though. Maybe I’ll do that next!

Working Girl is out 10 July