Scientists Can Now Use Lipstick To Solve Crimes…

Your lipstick just went from being a standard beauty staple to a key component in crime solving. How you ask? We’ll explain. The news comes after scientists at the American Chemical Society looked into the study of lipstick samples found at crime scenes as part of on-going investigations. Sounds a bit like a scene out of Making Of A Murderer if you ask us…

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In the past, techniques used to investigate crime scene evidence would be a lengthy process, and with the use of some very expensive equipment to boot. But now researchers at the Western Illinois University have devised an amazing way to change this. Which means a quicker and more effective way to solving crimes.


Here is where the science comes in; after taking swatches from 40 different lip pies and transferring them onto paper, three types of chromatography can be applied; thin layer chromatography (TLC), gas chromatography (GC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), it’s a mouth full, we know. To put it simply, all three act as methods of measuring the rate in which particles move apart, which in turn enables a specific lipstick swatch to be examined under UV light and, in some cases, allows results from a crime scene swatch to appear on a computer.

Once the results are in, scientists are able to compare the chromatography patterns to an archive of lipsticks. From this they can identify the brand of lipstick the victim or suspect was wearing at the time of the crime. Who’ve thought lipstick trace could be so powerful? 

But scientists aren’t stopping there – with this new breakthrough, researchers are hoping this will be the beginning of a new wave of crime investigation. Maybe foundation is next, who knows?! Either way, we’re taking one major lesson from this, make up can actually solve a crime and potentially change lives. How amazing is that?!