Calum Best’s ‘Girlfriend’ Admits She Wanted To ‘Vomit’ over CBB

Model Lindsey Pelas did NOT enjoy seeing Calum kiss ex-housemate Jasmine Waltz...

Calum Best’s been the subject of quite a lot of female attention since he entered the Celebrity Big Brother house.

But while we’ve been glued to our TV screens watching the 35-year-old, there’s one person who definitely doesn’t want to see him cosying up to the likes of Jasmine Waltz, Jessica Cunningham and Chloe Ferry.

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Calum Best and Jessica Cunningham on Celebrity Big Brother

Calum Best treated Jessica Cunningham to a shoulder massage last week…

Before he entered CBB, Calum was dating American model Lindsey Pelas. And while they’ve agreed to put things on hold, she’s still found it difficult hearing about his antics.

She tells OK!: ‘He can’t be in a full-time committed relationship and I get that, but also I’m not dating anyone else because I don’t think he’d like that.

‘I don’t want to see someone I like flirting with other people so I watch clips on Twitter rather than full episodes.

‘Seeing him with other girls makes me feel jealous but he’s in a weird position.’

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There was particular moment that bothered Lindsey – when Calum received a brief smooch from ex-housemate Jasmine.

She continues: ‘I saw a clip of Jasmine kissing him on the lips. I saw it out of context and I was like, I hate that! I just wanted to vomit.’

jasmine waltz calum

Jasmine Waltz and Calum Best got cosy in the Celebrity Big Brother house

However, she insists it meant nothing as Calum had his ‘eyes open’, blaming the incident on the contestants being in ‘captivity’.

Despite them not being together, Lindsey has plans to fly to the UK to greet Calum when he leaves the house, saying that she likes him ‘a lot’.

Let’s hope she manages to steer clear of the girls in the house, eh?