Lily Allen, Katy Perry And The Fringe Trend That’s Taking Over

Lily Allen and Katy Perry are both renown for their glossy raven locks, but the two singers have proved a hot SS14 trend is about to make a splash on the beauty scene.

Sporting the fringe trend of the moment, both Lils and Katy have opted to chop their shiny black bangs into the same, super-cute style – a mini.

The British pop singer, who made one hell of a fashion comeback in London this week, decided to snip her trademark block fringe into a pixie-inspired style, freshening up her beauty look.

And mirroring Lily’s hair makeover, US superstar Katy debuted her brand new ‘do too, posting a picture on Instagram of the inch-long face-framer.

So, is this something we should try? Well, the mini not only gives your perfectly groomed eyebrows room to be seen, meaning those hours of threading and plucking won’t go to waste underneath heavy hair, but it’s also easier to control. Forget taming your wipsy fringe in the wind, this minature version is far better behaved.

Whether you’re a fan of the girls’ new fringes or are steering clear of halfway-there hair, we reckon the mini could be having a moment…

By Claire Blackmore

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