Lily Allen Has Deleted ALL Her Instagram Pictures

We don’t mean to alarm you but Lily Allen has disappeared… She was last seen yesterday but now she’s gone. Kaput. But before you give 999 a call don’t stress too much – we’re just talking Instagram, where the singer has mysterious deleted all her snaps. And we mean all of them.

Lily was an avid Instagrammer – but it’s been reported that she’s got a super secret account, full of pics of her wild partying. She’s said to keep the account a secret from Sam Cooper, her husband of four years who she’s said to be splitting from (Lily’s moved out and he was recently spotted without his wedding ring.) The photos from her public one have all been deleted – see how it shows zero posts in the corner? Hmm…

> A selfie from Lily Allen’s account


But whatever the reason we’re sure going to miss the star’s crazy antics on the app – she was one of our fave stars to follow as she had absolutely no pretences whatsoever. Whether it was posting selfies from her hospital bed, making ugly faces or showing off that ah-mazing body in her pants (but pretending she was just showing off her lamp… sure) all the pics she posted gave us an insight into her life. And it made us feel #blessed that Lily wasn’t being a total Insta cliché.

> A selfie from Lily Allen’s account


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Then there was the celeb snaps, everyone from Miley and Cara to Ed Miliband made a cameo on Lily’s feed – and she even had a selfie with the Queen herself Kim K.

She seems to have been slowly deleting all the pics on her account for the past couple of days, with yesterday’s top post showing a pic of her and Kylie Minogue, dated 86 weeks ago. Curious and curiouser.

Whatever the reason we want her back sharpish! (or at least for her to let us follow her secret account…)

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