So Lillie Lexie Gregg And Her Ex Gaz Beadle Are ‘Speaking’ Again…

Following *that* confrontation with Stephen Bear on Celebrity Big Brother, Lillie has spoken out about her past relationship with Gary Beadle and what's happened since their appearance on Ex On The Beach...

Lillie Lexie Gregg has been publicly ‘humiliated’ after her relationship with Stephen Bear broke down on national television, with him moving on with Chloe Khan.

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The reality star famously entered the Celebrity Big Brother house to confront her ‘cheating’ ex boyfriend in order to gain ‘closure’ on the situation.


But now, with the return of Ex On The Beach, it’s her relationship with ex boyfriend Gary Beadle that’s got tongues wagging once again.

It’s no secret that the pair, who split after a two-year relationship, will be seen coming face-to-face during the new MTV series. And Lillie has finally admitted why their romance came to an end in the first place.

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Fans seemed to have believed that it was all down to Gaz’s on-off relationship with Charlotte Crosby, but Lillie has firmly ruled that out.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, she explains, ‘Charlotte has nothing to do with it. Basically, he [Gary] was put in a situation where he was given the option to choose between me and Geordie Shore.

‘He was told he would have to leave the show that day if he picked me. It was a daunting decision for him because that’s his bread and butter. The show is all he’s ever known.

‘It was the hardest decision of his life but ultimately he picked Geordie Shore.’


It seems that they lost touch after that, but Lillie explains why she decided to take part in Ex On The Beach alongside her former flame: ‘The show gave us an amazing opportunity to have a conversation which we should have had a long time ago.’

Ex On The Beach was filmed months ago, so we now know that she ended up starting a romance with Stephen Bear on the show, which continued up until that recent explosive moment on Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother.

Lillie Lexie Grace

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So, has she heard from Gary since the dramz has unfolded with Stephen Bear on CBB?

Well, apparently yes.

She told the publication: ‘We have been speaking as friends.’

Lillie added: ‘Bear is an awkward subject for Gaz because I don’t think he ever wanted to believe we were a real thing. So we’ve not spoken about it too much.’