Will *This* Be The End For Love Island’s Alex & Olivia?

There’s been one question that keeps coming around during Love Island; are the feelings between the couples real or fake?

It looks like we might be about to find out, as tonight’s show is going to include a lie detector test. Yup, really.

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As you can imagine, this is sure to spark some tension between the couples – just in time for their final days in the villa.



The girls were sent a text message which explained the name of the game; they could set the questions for their other halves, and the boys were hooked up to a lie detector to give their answers.

It looks like things might be about to go pear-shaped for Scott and Kady, who only made things official the other night.

He was asked, ‘Is Kady the girl you’ve liked the most in the six years you’ve been single?’

Natch, Scott said ‘Yes’, but apparently he was LYING.



He wasn’t too happy about it, saying, ‘I know by the way I’m feeling and the way I am that she must be the girl that I like the most. I’ve not even come close to feeling like this about a girl in a long time. I’m a bit gutted that didn’t come back as true.’

Kady has a history of being pretty feisty, so we’re not sure how she’ll react to the news…

Next, it was down to Alex to land himself in hot water.

He was asked, ‘Are your feelings real towards Olivia?’


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He said ‘Yes’, but the detector said it was a lie. Uh-oh.

It also said he was lying about not fancying other girls in the villa more than Olivia.



Knowing that Olivia’s already struggling to trust him, you can imagine how that’s going to go down… 🙁

(There were tears).

We’ll be tuning in tonight to check up on our favourite couples.