Was *This* Part Of Last Night’s Love Island ‘Faked’?

One moment from last night’s Love Island caused an awful lot of speculation on social media.

For anyone that didn’t tune in – errr, what on earth were you doing? – the girls were sent a text message which explained the name of the game; they could ask their other halves a series of questions, which would be answered with the help of a lie detector test.



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This was always going to bring the drama, but it was Alex and Olivia that suffered the most.

He failed every single question about his feelings for ‘Liv, with the machine telling everyone that he was lying.

Alex firmly denied that he was being untruthful, and even had a little cry in the garden afterwards. Seriously, our hearts were BREAKING.



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But LOADS of people took to Twitter to share their belief that the lie detector wasn’t accurate. In fact, some even went as far as to say that they thought the results were ‘faked’.

One user wrote, ‘Honestly think this lie detector test is faked to cause drama #LoveIsland’. 



Another said, ‘The producers are having a right laugh just pressing any button for the lie detector test #LoveIsland’. 

Other reactions included: ‘Surely the fact that Alex is crying shows that lie detector isn’t 100% accurate though #LoveIsland’ and ‘They are so stupid if they think this lie detector test is real – it’s a tv programme DURR! #TeamLivAndAlex’.



Many others seemed confused, taking to the site to question: ‘Is the lie detector real… Or not?’

Former islander Tom Powell waded in, tweeting that feelings between the islanders are ‘genuine’ and the detector test is ‘b*******’.

Considering our friend the Love Island voiceover man said that it wasn’t 100% accurate, we’d take the results with a pinch of salt.