Liar Viewers Had A VERY Strong Reaction To Last Night’s Shocking Episode


ITV have really outdone themselves with their new drama, Liar.

The shocking thriller follows the story of Andrew and Laura, two seemingly ordinary people who go on a seemingly ordinary date… A date that has seriously dark consequences.

After Laura – played by Joanne Froggatt – accuses Andrew – played by Ioan Gruffudd – of rape, Andrew’s fierce denials made us very unsure who was the liar and who was actually telling the truth.

But after the fourth episode that aired last night (2 September) there is little doubt in our minds that Andrew is seriously bad news.

Although with two episodes still left to go, who knows what twists and turns the producers are going to throw our way as this tense drama creeps nearer to it’s finale.

If you missed last night’s crucial ep, you missed an extremely shocking turn of events…

After showing a keen interest in DI Vanessa Harmon, Andrew was seen stalking the investigator’s pictures online and it all started to get pretty weird.

The episode then saw Andrew actually break into pregnant Vanessa’s home as he spiked and undressed her. Ew.

After she woke up dazed, the DI noticed she was bleeding after going to the toilet and began panicking about her unborn child.

Yep, it looks like Andrew is pure evil.

Viewers also watched as Laura travelled up to Edinburgh to try and find out more about Andrew’s late wife Mary and how she died, and she was shocked to discover that Andrew assaulted Mary’s best friend Catherine, too.

As the episode finished, we all watched as Laura met up with her ex-boyfriend and copper Tom as he worryingly handed Laura a bottle of GHB… But why? What has Laura got planned?! It looks like we will have to wait to find that out…

So it’s no real surprise that after all this drama that viewers had a pretty strong reaction on social media.

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‘If andrew doesn’t end up in prison or dead by the end of this series i swear i’ll write the sequel myself just to kill him #liar [sic]’ one outraged viewer tweeted, and another seemed seriously scared about the turn of events: ‘OMG I’M NEVER GOING OUT OR STAYING IN OR DRINKING A SMOOTHIE EVER AGAIN #liar [sic]’

Referring to those who still think Laura has something to hide, one fan raged: ‘Y THE F**K DO PPL STIL THINK SHES LYING? Hes stalking the detectives photos FFS! Hes a creep & ure delusional if u think hes innocent! #Liar [sic]’ and another seemed pretty shaken: ‘Woah woah woah, catching up with #Liar this morning and WTF IS HE DOING TO THE POLICE LADY?!!!!!!!! WHY IS HE DOING THIS? SLIMEY B**TARD!!!! [sic]’

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So in the words of one viewer… ‘Think Twitter is going to need some serious psychotherapy after this episode #liar’

Yep, we couldn’t agree more.

The penultimate episode of Liar airs next Monday on ITV at 9pm.