Liar Actress Shelley Conn Hints At HUGE Twist In Next Week’s Finale


If you haven’t been watching ITV’s new thriller Liar, then we’re going to give you two pieces of advice.

  1. Watch it. It’s amazing. Seriously.
  2. Look away now because we’ve got some serious spoilers for you…

Last night’s penultimate episode (9 October) gave us darker twists and turns than ever before, as not only did we watch Laura find out about her sister’s affair with her ex-boyfriend, but our hearts were in our mouths as Laura kidnapped rapist Andrew to seek the ultimate revenge.

The episode finished with a chase between Laura and Andrew before DI Vannessa Harmon arrived on the scene to step in – after realising that she herself had also been raped by Andrew.

And now actress Shelley Conn – who plays DI Harmon – has spoken on ITV’s Lorraine about the show and what else we can expect in the gripping finale next week…

‘I think once there was the revelation and we found out who is lying and who is telling the truth you thought ‘Oh, where is this going to go?” Shelley praised the script. ‘I think that’s the genius of the writing of Jack and Harry Williams. It’s so unpredictable, they can bring things out that I don’t think anybody expected.’

Confirming that viewers should expect a shocking final episode, she revealed: ‘I have to say, you know, as the show goes on – and it’s the final episode next week – there are more revelations and you will be surprised.’

Eek! We cannot wait.

Discussing Andrew’s character – played by Ioan Gruffudd – Shelley described him as a ‘charming psychopath’: ‘He’s a model citizen in every way, and he’s so convincing. I think that’s the problem because he’s obviously not well. Obviously they did their research and they did the profiling of people that do this kind of thing and I think there’s that weird sense of entitlement he had.’

The actress went on to give her view on why he attacked both Vanessa and Laura on the show: ‘Often that’s what he does… With some of the women it’s as if ‘You’re so lucky’ but I think with me it was to teach me a lesson.’

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Describing the iconic moment when Andrew asked DI Harmon out for a drink – to which she slammed ‘I don’t go out with men who rape women’ – Shelley continued: ‘That’s probably why I took the script… I just loved that I got to look him in the eye because I made the decision that I was going to believe her all along, but obviously I couldn’t play that because the police are obviously very well trained.’

‘Things have changed, they do believe the victim now but obviously they have to be respectful to the accused. But I felt she believed her. The fact I got to be able to look him in the eye and say ‘That’s not what I do and I don’t believe you’… I loved that. It was empowering,’ she added.

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‘The problem for my character is, all this evidence counts for nothing if the CPS don’t take it on as a case. It’s frustrating,’ Shelley told Lorraine. ‘The research I did to work as a police officer in that department – it’s a very, very specialised department to work in – it must be so devastating that you do all that work and you believe in it so much but your reward is so little.’

The actress concluded: ‘Yeah, there is still a lot of work to be done but I think that things have changed, and I think for the better. I think.’

Liar‘s final episode airs next Monday on ITV at 9pm. You won’t want to miss it.