Viewers Think There Was A Mistake In One Of The Episodes Of Liar

We've been gripped for weeks. But after spotting something during one episode, fans have been asking where Liar was filmed...

If you have also been sucked into the crime drama that is Liar, we feel you.

As gut-wrenching and infuriating as it is addictive, the ITV series has told the story of a woman’s experience of rape, coming forward and fighting for justice.

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Having previously been told by authorities that her case couldn’t be taken any further, this week’s penultimate episode (which aired on 9th October) saw Laura confront her rapist Andrew and, in a slightly darker twist, seek revenge by  kidnapping him in an attempt to frame him for the crime that he actually originally committed against her.

When her plan started to go wrong, with the doctor getting free and attacking Laura, DI Vanessa Harmon arrived on the scene just at the right time. This happened shortly after she realised that she had also been raped by Andrew.

With all of this nail-biting stuff happening, we’d forgive you for missing the apparent blunder that was made during a previous episode.

Viewers took to social media to point out something of a continuity error, based on the location that the story is set in.

In one of the scenes, one of Laura’s school pupils was seen looking out of the window. Across the road, there is some very visible street art which featured the south east London postcode, SE4.

Hmm. But isn’t the drama set in a coastal area of Kent?

Later scenes also appeared to have had their locations identified by some of the viewers, with The Waverley Arms Pub on Ivydale Road and the Noak Cafe on Mantle Road – both in SE London’s Brockley – being discussed on Twitter.

Many others soon started asking questions about where Liar is meant to be set and where it was actually filmed.

Of course, it’s hardly the first time that locations have been used when filming a drama that’s set elsewhere. But with social media, we guess it’s so much easier for people to spot popular hangouts.

One thing’s for sure. We can hardly wait to see how it’s all going to pan out in next week’s final episode.