Why We Need To Talk About Love Island’s Liana

Okay, there’s something we feel the need to address. And it happened on last night’s Love Island.

Liana Isadora Van Riel entered the villa with fellow newbie Tina Stinnes and, faced with an army of loved-up couples, they had a pretty tough job ahead of them.


Natch, it wasn’t long before they had to choose a guy each to go on a date with. And we all know what happened there, don’t we?

*Cough* Kady *cough*.

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But what has really stood out a mile is the gross double standards surrounding the way Liana, who has made no secret of the fact that she’s a stripper, is being talked about.

After Zara’s shock exit (sob), Adam has found himself single and ready to mingle.

So, naturally, he was having a little gossip with some of the lads about who he might like to get to know. Of course, he’s got Tina and Liana on his radar.


Terry told him, ‘If you want a girl you can take home to your mum, pick Tina.’

‘But if you want a girl to f***, pick Liana. You couldn’t take her home to your mum.’



Sorry, are they BOTH not real girls with real feelings? Yup. We thought so.

Tel continued, ‘Can you imagine taking her to meet your nan? “And what do you do for a living dear?”‘

Hold on a second. Is Adam not a Butler In The Buff? Yup, thought so.

We were pretty confused when he nodded along and agreed…

And social media was too, with comments including: ‘Funny how Terry is talking down on Liana’s occupation as a stripper…. to a male stripper #doublestandards #LoveIsland #TeamLiana’ and ‘Liana actually seems sweet yuno I hate the way the guys on #loveisland talk about her’ [sic].

Another wrote, ‘Feel like liana has been missed judged if she was a guy & a stripper don’t think she’d get such a hard time #loveisland’ [sic]. 


Let’s all just stop with the double standards and shaming, shall we?