Fans Are Getting Very Frustrated By Liam Payne’s Instagram Snaps

We haven't heard his new music and we STILL don't know the name of his son - but all he's posting is cryptic selfies

Cheryl and Liam Payne became parents almost a month ago – but we still don’t know the name of their baby son.

They announced their happy news on 25 March, with Chezza captioning an adorable snap of Liam cradling their little one: ‘On Wednesday 22nd March Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream.

‘Although he still doesn’t have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival.’


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On his page, Liam wrote: ‘My close friends and family know there are very few times when I’m left speechless… wow!

‘I’m incredibly happy to welcome our new baby boy into the world, it’s a moment that I will never forget for the rest of my life and my favourite memory I have so far.

‘I’m completely in awe of his incredible mother and how she has been the whole way through this, she’s really made my dreams come true. We haven’t named him yet but he’s already capturing hearts including mine. I feel very blessed.’

Gucci on my …

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Cheryl, 33, has since kept very quiet on social media, simply changing her Twitter and Instagram bios to: ‘Living in a love bubble 💙.’

However, 23-year-old Liam has been a little more vocal, sharing several selfies with cryptic captions. And it’s safe to say they’re leaving his followers rather frustrated.

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Because it’s not only his son’s name that we’re all waiting to hear. Before Cheryl gave birth, Liam was busy in the studio recording his solo debut album.

The waiting game ⌚️……

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Comments on some his recent images include: ‘LIAM, HONEY JUST RELEASE A SONG. IM BEGGING YOU,’ and: ‘The waiting game for your music man, gosh [sic].’

We kinda get why Liam’s waiting. After all, his One Direction bandmate Harry Styles only dropped his new music this month. And, y’know, being a first-time dad is probably pretty time-consuming.

But we’re not gonna lie, we hope we get to hear some new tunes (AND a baby name) very soon.