Liam Payne Tells The Awkward Story Of When He Met Cheryl’s Dad

The One Direction singer let slip in an interview on The Graham Norton Show...

Thinking back to Liam Payne’s first X Factor audition in front of judge and superstar Cheryl, it’s still a shock to think that the two are now parents to baby son Bear.

And in an interview on The Graham Norton Show this week, the former One Direction member revealed that the news came as a surprise to no one more than Cheryl’s dad, Garry Tweedy.

Liam let slip on the talk show that he nervously met Cheryl’s dad… after they found out she was pregnant. Awkward.

He said: ‘My missus was pregnant. And I was meeting her dad for the first time. So I thought I had better get rid of the life sized model dinosaurs I had in my garden. I had bought them drunkenly off the internet!’

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He went on to admit that both the pregnancy and his venture into a solo career were unplanned, continuing: ‘I’d like to say I was a man for planning, but it just kind of happened!

‘I had thought about not going solo because I wanted to write and chill out but when the opportunity came along it seemed wrong to turn it down after working so hard for 10 years.’

Liam then gave us some more long-awaited details about baby Bear: ‘He is two months old now and massive. He’s really tall and will probably be a basketball player.

‘I was there at the birth and it was amazing. I’d never changed a nappy before I met Bear and all went well brilliantly until five in the morning, Bear wakes up and Cheryl changes his nappy – there was poo and spouting wee everywhere!’

TMI, Liam?!

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The tattooed star even joked about the first time he and Cheryl met, back when a then 14-year-old Liam performed for the pop star and ended his performance with a cheeky wink.

He said: ‘I was ribbed terribly by my friends at school for doing that. Now I am 23 and with her, my friends stand mute in the corner of the room. I have never seen them so quiet!’

Who’s laughing now, eh?

By Emily Jefferies