Liam Payne Says He Won’t Be Marrying Cheryl Any Time Soon

After calling her his 'wife' during an interview, the Strip That Down singer has admitted that a wedding is 'not really on the cards' right now...

It’s the day that Directioners (guilty) have been waiting for – Liam Payne’s debut solo single, Strip That Down, is FINALLY out.

The 23-year-old has been busy promoting her new album over the past few weeks, splitting his time between the UK and the US. What with being a new daddy too, it’s fair to say that Payno has had an awful lot on his plate.

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Opening up about the new addition to his life, baby Bear Payne (who he welcomed with girlfriend Cheryl back in March), Liam has confessed that he ‘can’t talk about him too much’ as ‘it is hard being away from your newborn son.’

Apparently, though, partner Cheryl is being incredibly supportive of his career aspirations, telling The Sun in an exclusive podcast: ‘I’ve just started being a dad and I’m all tired and promoting my single and she gives me no bother about it. She’s like, you’ve gotta’ go out and do your job, it’s your job…’

Cheryl and Liam Payne

N’aw. Talk about #RelationshipGoals.

We have no doubt that Cheryl, who’s been at home taking care of their 2-month-old son, has been listening in to Liam’s many radio interviews.

In fact, she probably had a little giggle to herself when her man caused widespread hysteria on Twitter after naming her his ‘wife’ during a chat with the hosts of SiriusXm.

Despite the fact that many came to the conclusion that the former One Direction singer was using the word as a term of endearment, a few were left wondering whether they might be taking the plunge sometime soon (if they hadn’t already).

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne became parents on 22 March

But Liam has taken the opportunity to silence any wedding talk, at least for the time being.

Speaking to The Sun, he said: ‘I see marriage as more of a religious thing and I’m not really a religious person, so I know it’s not really on the cards for me at the moment.

‘So no not yet. We have a baby together — you know our love for each other can’t be more serious so it is what it is I guess.’

And, following all of the hype about his new single, Cheryl has now broken her own silence on Twitter.

Taking to the social media site, she said: ‘💙.. and it is just the beginning 🔥hope you’re all enjoying #StripThatDown 🙌🏼 So proud of you babe ☺️’.

Oh, you guys 😍❤️😍.