Why Everyone’s Talking About Liam Payne’s Tweet To Cheryl

Liam Payne wasn't too happy about Cheryl attending an exclusive fan event to promote her new perfume, StormFlower Platinum, then...

Cheryl made her grand return to the promo spotlight yesterday at the London launch of her new StormFlower Platinum perfume.

The 33-year-old looked totally stunning at the exclusive event held at London’s Sanderson Hotel, turning out in a blue wrap jumpsuit with black lapels, and wearing her brunette tresses poker straight. Gorgeous.

But it sounds like boyfriend Liam Payne, who is currently recording his new solo album in LA, didn’t enjoy watching Cheryl meet and greet fans as much as we did, as he later moaned about being ‘jealous’.

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Cheryl at her fragrance launch

Cheryl at her fragrance launch

Oh, Liam. Has someone got a touch of the green-eyed monster?!

So, what exactly was the One Direction singer unhappy about? Well, it’s actually pretty cute, because Liam decided to respond to a tweet Cheryl sent out after the event for all of the couple’s fans to see.

The former Girls Aloud singer posted to her 6.2 million followers: ‘I always love spending the day with you lot!! It makes me so happy. Thank you to everyone who came to the signing today. I loved it.’

And her beau Liam soon replied with a tweet of his own, posting: ‘@CherylOfficial so jealous of everyone who got to spend the day with my girl today grrrrrrr!’ followed by a string of upset emoji faces.


An insider who attended the event told LOOK about Cheryl: ‘She looked beautiful and her hair was just stunning. She sat behind the desk so I don’t know [if she was pregnant]…she didn’t look pregnant to me, she looked happy, she’s beautiful but I’d be so happy for her if she was pregnant. I was quite speechless for the first few seconds when I met her.’

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I miss you!…the things you make me do?? home soon!

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Our insider continued: ‘She was really polite and asked me about myself and we had a nice chat.’

So, did anyone ask her about those much discussed pregnancy rumours?! Well, according to our insider, no. ‘Not that I know of no’, they said. ‘I don’t think anyone would have asked her, maybe we would have put her in a bad mood.”

LOOK’s source added: ‘People were just saying how nice she was, how healthy she looked and how happy she was. She’s definitely got her glow back.’