Liam Payne Looks Back On His One Direction Days And Admits He ‘Really Hated’ His Life

This is really sad...

From The X Factor and One Direction, to a soaring solo career and having a beautiful baby with gorgeous girlfriend Cheryl… Yep, it may be hard to think that Liam Payne’s life is anything short of perfect.

But the star has recently opened up about how he didn’t always enjoy his life in the limelight…

One Direction At The American Music Awards, 2015

Looking back on his days in One Direction, Liam recalled a poignant memory when his mother was pushed over by a cameraman: ‘I just wanted a burger with my parents… I cried my eyes out. I thought, ‘I can’t do this’ and I really hated my life,’ he confessed to the Daily Star.

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The 24-year-old Strip That Down singer went on to discuss how the extreme dedication of fans often made things hard for himself and his former bandmates.

One Direction

‘It sent me a bit AWOL at one point, if I’m honest,’ he admitted. ‘I can remember when there were 10,000 people outside our hotel. We couldn’t go anywhere. It was just gig to hotel, gig to hotel. And you couldn’t sleep, because they’d still be outside.’

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Discussing how he struggled with his mental health at the time, Liam went on: ‘People were speaking to me about mental health in music the other day, and that’s a big issue. Sometimes you just need some sun, or a walk.’

The father-of-one also opened up about the incredible success of the band and how it affected him: ‘One of the problems was that we never stopped to celebrate what we’d done… I remember us winning loads of American Music Awards and then having to get on a plane straight away. It got to the point where success was so fluid. I don’t even know what happened to our songs, we just sang them, then sang some more.’

It looks like Liam feels a lot more relaxed now he has branched out on his own, however, as he revealed: ‘It was like a proper, hard job. Non-stop. I can concentrate a lot more now.’

We’re pleased to hear that Liam now has more time to spend with his gorgeous little family.