Liam Payne: Happy 20th Birthday!

One Direction‘s Liam Payne is waving goodbye to his teenage years today as the fresh-faced superstar turns 20! Anyone else feeling pretty old right now?

We’ll be keeping a beady eye on the whipper snapper’s antics tonight because Liam is renown for splashing the cash when it comes to that day once a year.

Reportedly blowing a staggering £1.2 million on what’s dubbed as ‘the world’s most expensive champagne’, Liam apparently treated musician pal Wizkid to a bottle of mega-expensive bubbles on his birthday last month. That’s seriously generous BFF behaviour.

Hopefully he’ll have some spare pennies left over for his own birthday treat tonight, but what with the super-band’s international sell out tour coming to a close, the boys’ 3D flick about to hit the silver screen (tonight!) and their flurry of beauty products no doubt filling Directioners make-up bags far and wide, we’re pretty sure he won’t need to worry about his birthday spends.

We’re guessing new squeeze Sophia Smith might have something romantic in store for her highschool beau anyways. That’s unless Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn tear the secret party boy away for some boozy shenanigans.

If the lads do play boyfriend-stealing games though, we’ve got Sophia’s night sorted. She can just read our round-up of One Direction: 100 Reasons Why We LOVE Them and all will be forgiven (you’re welcome, Liam).

Happy Birthday, and get that champs on ice!

By Claire Blackmore

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