Liam Payne Surprises Fans With A Facebook Live Video

The 23-year-old singer says everything is 'great' with him as he thanks Directioners for their support

Liam Payne has been pretty quiet over the past few months, grafting away on his debut solo album.

But the 23-year-old surprised fans with an impromptu Facebook Live session earlier today, straight from the LA studio he’s working in.

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Liam Payne

Liam Payne sent a sweet message to fans in a Facebook Live video earlier today

Looking happy and relaxed, Liam said: ‘This is just a quick video to relaunch my Facebook, because I haven’t posted on here – so I just wanted to say hello to you guys.’

He then gave viewers a little tour of the room, telling them: ‘This is the studio that I’m working in today. I’m writing a song, it’s been a lot of fun. I’m hoping you’re gonna like the music, it’s a little bit different but it’s really nice.’

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Liam Payne

Liam Payne says things are ‘great’ with him at the moment

Of course, Liam and his girlfriend Cheryl have been the subject of a lot of speculation over the past few months, thanks to her reported ‘pregnancy’.

Liam didn’t mention his lady or their ‘news’ in his video – but he did hint that things are very good in his personal life.

He said: ‘It’s all going great,’ adding: ‘I also wanted to say a really quick thank you to you guys for all the support. Obviously I see it everyday with you guys, and you haven’t stopped, and it’s absolutely amazing.

Cheryl and Liam Payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne are rumoured to be expecting a baby together

‘So thank you so much for standing by me and the rest of the boys as well.’

Aw. It’s great to have you back, Liam!