Liam Payne & Danielle Peazer’s Dog Loki Takes Over Twitter!

One Direction’s Liam Payne and his girlfriend Danielle Peazer announced a new addition to their family this week, an adorable pup called Loki – and we’re smitten. This gorgeous little monochrome fur ball has now become the most famous dog on Twitter with literally hundreds of accounts now claiming to be the dog himself. Yes, the dog himself.

We couldn’t help but have a little chuckle to ourselves when we saw that #‪LokiPayneFollowMe‬ began trending WORLDWIDE this morning, prompting millions of Directioners to get chatting about the cute new addition to the One Direction family

Each account is claiming to the the ‘real’ dog, with a fair share of Directioners labelling them ‘fake’. Umm, aren’t they all? Last time we checked our own pups hadn’t white mastered the touch screen on our iPads…

He’s now set to become the new One Direction mascot as he heads on tour with Liam and his ‘uncles’ Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis for the next seven months. This dog’s going to have more stamps on his passport than the LOOK team put together.

So, who should you be following for doggy updates? 

Well, @LokiPayzerOffic claims to have Uncle Zayn and Liam’s sister Ruth following him as well as a whopping 13,000 other fans.

But @RealLokiPayne gets a gold star for hilarious tweets like “Your hand fits in my paw like its made just for me

Oh, what the heck. #‪LokiPayneFollowMe! RM