Some 1D Fans Are Upset With Liam Payne’s Tweet

One Direction fans were excited to see Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan get involved with Soccer Aid. But, it seems, that they weren’t too impressed with what Liam Payne was getting up to.

While his bandmates put their best footie boot forward on the pitch – along with Mark Wright – for a good cause, Liam sent out a tweet that caused a little bit of a frenzy. 

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Off the pitch, Liam posted a super cute GIF and alluded to the fact that he was cosied up indoors with girlfriend Cheryl. Aw.

The 1D star wrote, ‘When you’re watching the tv with your girl and that good beat drops!’

His followers were quick to jump on it, with one asking, ‘why don’t you at the stadium to support Niall and Louis? WHY?’ [sic].


Others quizzed, ‘WHY YOU AREN’T WITH LOUIS AND NIALL?’ and ‘….why aren’t u at niall and louis’ game’ [sic].


Of course, there’s nothing to say that he WASN’T watching his pals do their thing for Soccer Aid. If the tweet was, in fact, about his evening with Cheryl, there’s every chance that they could have tuned in together…

And that’s a super cute picture that we LOVE to paint.

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In fact, one fan pointed out that his reference to ‘that good beat’ could have been about the 1D song that played at Old Trafford.

Then again, perhaps Liam’s intention behind the tweet was just as simple as a fun GIF and a humorous caption. 


There could have been a number of reasons why he didn’t attend the event.

Harry Styles, for example, was busy filming in France for his big screen debut in the war film, Dunkirk.

But we like to think that they’re all in a little WhatsApp group together, and probably sent many words of support on the day…