Why Fans Are Going Crazy For Liam Payne’s New Lyrics About ‘Pregnant’ Cheryl

Liam Payne dropped a teaser for his brand new single on Instagram, and fans cannot stop talking about the Cheryl-related lyrics...

One Direction fans have been waiting eagerly for a taste of Liam Payne’s new solo material for months now, and it’s finally here.

The 23-year-old teased a one-minute teaser of a potential new single last night on Instagram, and fans are going crazy over the lyrics, rumoured to be about ‘pregnant’ girlfriend Cheryl.


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Cheryl at her perfume launch earlier this week…

In the song, Liam sings: ‘I don’t wanna be left without this / I didn’t think that I’d ever find someone / I just wanna make it with you.

‘All these other b*****s here be tripping, the way you walk in is so different, I just wanna make it with you / All the best things take a little time, take a little time baby / I wanna make love to you, be onto you, be so hard for you.’


cheryl liam payne

Cheryl and Liam Payne have been looking seriously loved up lately

However, Liam did warn fans that it might not make it as an official release when he tweeted aftwards: ‘Just finished a busy day in the studio may not a be song I release but wanted to invite you into the writing process hope you enjoyed it.’

Cheryl was seen out yesterday in a baggy hoodie sporting her much talked about ‘bump’, so it’s no wonder all eyes are on the couple for any hint of confirmation that a baby could be on the way.

And whilst Liam hasn’t confirmed the news himself, he has been sending out plenty of gushing messages about his lady on social media.

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A photo posted by Liam Payne (@liampayne) on

Whilst recordhing in LA, Liam posted a photo of a quote he saw in the street which read: ‘The only lie I ever told you is that I liked you when I already knew I loved you.’


Looks like these two are seriously smitten right now. Bring on the Cheryl/Liam album!