Cheryl And Liam Payne: What’s Really Going On?

It's a busy life! Liam's back in LA, leaving Cheryl home alone...

Liam Payne is having a great time in Los Angeles. Not only was the star spotted shopping at Gucci on Rodeo Drive, he was also seen posing with fans. This is the life, eh Liam? He and Cheryl have been parents for less than four weeks, but it’s business as usual for the ex-Directioner.

Liam, 23, has already returned to the States to continue working on his album – leaving Cheryl at home in Surrey with their baby son. We can’t imagine she’s impressed, especially as Liam was in America for their son’s one-month anniversary last weekend.

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‘Cheryl’s finding it hard to be apart from Liam,’ says a close friend.

‘She knows he has to finish this album and supports what he’s doing, but she hoped that Liam being away in the weeks prior to the birth would mean he could have an extended period of time off once the baby was here. But now his schedule’s been moved up, which has been tough.’

Liam Payne

Liam Payne is finishing work on his debut solo album in LA

It must be a hectic period for Cheryl, 33, who’s doing everything herself. ‘I want them to wake up and ask for me, not a nanny,’ she’s said previously.

However, that’s not to say Liam’s not feeling the distance too. He apparently told several fans he bumped into: ‘[My son’s] good. I love him and miss him a lot.’ In fact, Liam’s suggested he and Chez make a temporary move to the US until the album is released.

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Harry Styles on Radio 1

Harry Styles recently released his debut single

It can’t be easy for Liam, who’s also said to be feeling the pressure from bandmate Harry Styles, whose debut single is doing very well. ‘Liam’s under a lot of pressure from his record company,’ said a source.

‘And with Harry’s successful solo debut, Liam’s determined to top his ex-bandmate. He’s really hyped up this album but he’s trying to keep Cheryl happy too.’

With the Beckhams reportedly thinking about making a move back to the US too, maybe Cheryl and Liam could be their new neighbours? Now that’s something we’d like to see.

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