Fans Spot Cheryl’s Reaction To Liam Payne’s Instagram Update

Yup. It's safe to say that EVERYONE is keeping an eye on these two right now...

As baby speculation continues to surround Cheryl and Liam Payne, all eyes have stayed firmly on the pair’s social media accounts.

So when Liam posted a teaser for some pretty exciting news, it certainly sparked a reaction from eagle-eyed fans.

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Cheryl Liam Baby

As well as apparently preparing to welcome a baby with girlfriend Cheryl, the 23-year-old has been working hard on a solo project.

Since One Direction went on hiatus, Liam has been planning his own music – and last night he let fans have a glimpse at what he’s been doing behind the scenes.


Vibes 🎶

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Posting a Boomerang from the studio on Monday night, the father-to-be could be seen with a microphone, doing what he does best.

The video clip was captioned, simply, ‘vibes’.

And it didn’t take long for fans to comment, with reactions including: ‘I wanna hear 😭’, ‘where’s the album you’ve left us on edge for ages’ and ‘OH FOR GODS SAKE STOP TEASING US’ [sic].

It wasn’t just the fans that took note of Liam’s Instagram move; Cheryl showed her support too.

Not long after Liam shared the update online, fan sites noted that the mum-to-be had double-tapped her approval.


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Although Cheryl and Liam have kept pretty quiet about their happy news, neither have shied away from posting updates on social media.

The 33-year-old has proudly unveiled her collaboration with L’Oréal and The Prince’s Trust, and also shared an inspirational quote for International Women’s Day.

Just four days ago, the One Direction singer debuted a new inking on Instagram. Sharing a snap with only his arm in shot, a huge ‘1993’ could be seen etched onto his skin, presumably in reference to his year of birth. He’d simply captioned the image: ‘©1993.’


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Fans thought that the sudden move might have meant the showbiz couple had already welcomed baby Chiam, with suspicious comments including: ‘Is this a hint?’ ‘New tattoo dad??’ and ‘Love the new tat! Are you going to get your baby’s birth year tattooed too?’

Hmm. It’s an interesting theory, but we think we’ll wait for Liam and Cheryl to announce the news before we buy a congratulatory card.