Liam Payne’s Tweet Gets Fans Wondering If Cheryl’s Given Birth

OMG. Could baby Payne really be here?!

Cheryl and Liam Payne fans (and, er, us) pretty much have their lives on hold as they await the couple’s official birth announcement.

It was confirmed last week that baby Payne is on his or her way, with Cheryl revealing her blossoming (and completely gorgeous) bump in an inspirational new campaign for L’Oreal Paris and The Prince’s Trust.

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Cheryl Loreal

Cheryl appears alongside 14 other ambassadors in a new campaign for L’Oreal Paris and The Prince’s Trust

Since then, Directioners and Soldiers alike have been trying to work out when Chezza’s due date is.

The shoot is believed to have taken place in January, which has led some to wonder if she’s further along than we originally thought. I.e. ALREADY GIVEN BIRTH.

Tweets include: ‘I can’t wait to see Cheryl’s baby. She’s due any day now… she could have already had it!’ and: ‘She looks ready to pop in that picture and that was taken weeks ago so many she’s had the baby already?! #OMG!’

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Now Liam’s posted a Tweet that’s got everyone in a complete and utter tizz. He wrote earlier today: ‘Why do I always do the strangest walk when I’m trying to be quiet in a morning 😂😂.’

Okay, it might be a stretch, but could he be being quiet because THERE’S A BABY IN THE HOUSE?

Liam Payne

That’s certainly what some people seem to think. Replies include: ‘Who are u trying not to wake up this morning👀 ,’ and: Were you trying not to wake baby? [sic].’

There’s been no hint from Cheryl or Liam that they’re new parents, so we’re going to wait for confirmation before we go out and buy a card.

But one thing’s for sure – they’re going to have one gorgeous son or daughter.

Cheryl looks glowing and gorgeous in the campaign

Cheryl looks content and glowing in pictures from the All Worth It campaign, which see her posing side on and cradling her stomach.

Ooh. We’re sending them all our love for the birth.