Liam Payne And Danielle Peazer Visit Thorpe Park: See The Pic!

One Direction’s Liam Payne has made us chuckle this morning with this hilarious picture from his recent visit to Thorpe Park.

The singer took his girlfriend, dancer Danielle Peazer, on a hot date to the theme park in Surrey, where they tackled the terrifying Stealth ride. Now, we know that it looks pretty scary, and travelling at 0-80mph in less than two seconds is going to result in a girly scream. But really, Liam. 

The star can be seen screaming his socks off and reaching for Danielle’s hand, while she’s having a whale of a time, laughing away and enjoying the ride. Awks! 

We think it’s fair to say that Liam might be a tiiiiiiiiiiiny bit scared of fast rides.

The pair have made headlines this week after introducing their gorgeous new puppy to the world, Loki. Hundreds of Twitter pages were been created in the dog’s honour yesterday, while #‪LokiPayneFollowMe began trending worldwide.

We’re just glad Loki decided to sit this ride out… if only to be spared the embarrassment of his screaming dad! RM