So Lewis Bloor Has Spoken To Marnie Since Leaving The CBB House

As part of a task, Marnie Simpson received a quick phone call from her man Lewis Bloor. But she didn't recognise his voice...

It’s safe to say that Marnie Simpson did not handle Lewis Bloor’s eviction very well.

The pair became inseparable during their time in the house, with Lew’ dropping the ‘L’ bomb, and Marnie discussing their possible future after the show.

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Despite ‘showmance’ rumours (which have been firmly denied by the TOWIE lad since leaving the CBB house), Marnie has been discussing her man with fellow housemate Bear, who also lost his partner in crime when Chloe Khan was voted out of the house.

marnie and lewis bloor

Marnie and Lewis are now boyfriend and girlfriend after hooking up in the house

Sad times.

Marnie told the Ex On The Beach star: ‘Oh god, I miss Lewis.’

But Bear, wanting her to stay strong, told her: ‘Don’t you start.’

The Geordie Shore star then pulled him over to the housemates’ pictures on the wall, with each of them sending a message to their lost beaus.

Speaking to his photo, Marnie told Lewis she loved him.

Meanwhile, Bear told Chloe’s picture: ‘Alright Chloe, I really like you. I’d like to see you when we come out.’



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Later on, Big Brother shared a clip from the house’s talk show task.

In the footage, the finalists can be seen sitting on a sofa. This Morning, eat your heart out.

As part of the segment, a ‘viewer’ dialled in with a question for Marnie.

But wait. Wasn’t that Lew’ Bloor on the other end of the line? Sure was.


At first, Marnie didn’t recognise her man’s voice.

He asked, ‘So Marnie, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much are you missing Lewis?’

‘Like, a million!’

‘Haha. I miss you girl’.

Someone else can be heard telling her ‘that’s Lewis’, to which she replied: ‘that’s not!’

She then realised that actually, yes it was, and listened to him tell her: ‘You and Bear are doing so well’, Lewis tells her.

‘Everyone absolutely loves you.

‘I love you both!’