Leonardo DiCaprio Has Jack Dawson Hair At The SAG Awards

Leonardo DiCaprio has become one of the most talked about names during awards season. 

Yes, we ALL want Leo to finally bag his Oscar, but there was also something else that got a lot of tongues wagging at the SAG Awards this weekend. 

Taking to the red carpet in his sharp tux, the Revenant star chatted away to E! News about his new role which required that since-shaven bushy beard – which took an epic six months to grow, FYI. 

E! News

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But it was another hair moment that stole the show that night. Yup, viewers the world over were quick to notice Leo’s rogue hair. Escaping from his carefully slicked back ‘do, the 41-year-old had a few strands of hair that seemingly wanted to break free and have their five minutes of fame. 

It was the talk of Twitter, with one fan writing, ‘I can’t wait for Leo’s stray hair to get its own Twitter account #ERedCarpet #sagawards’. Aside from the depressing fact that we’re quite sure DiCaprio’s strands would rack up way more followers than we could ever dream of, this would be pretty jokes.

Others seemed to find it a little annoying, ‘That one hair Leo…. Let me fix it! #SAGAwards2016’.

Another tweeted, ‘A strand of Leo’s hair was trying to break away & pull a #JackDawson! Go for it, hair! Go for it!’

Yup, we couldn’t help but be reminded of Jack Dawson’s rough and ready curtains. Swoon. 

Leonardo and Kate Winslet didn’t disappoint with their adorable displays of friendship, either. After getting the internet buzzing with their Titanic reunion at the Golden Globes, our obsession with these two has been kickstarted all over again… 


When quizzed about her shock reaction to winning at the Golden Globes, Kate was quick to put all of the attention back onto her longtime friend: ‘I’ve been so focused on Leo and him winning everything and being so excited for him’.

BFF goals. 

We can’t even deal.