Our All-Time 10 Favourite Celebrity Simpsons Cameos

The Simpsons is the longest-running sitcom in US television and boy do they love a celebrity cameo. In a total of 25 seasons (and counting), there have been over 500 special guests appear. It is seen as quite the honour to be included and yesterday one of favourite girl crushes shared via Instagram that she too would star. Lena Dunham posted a pic of herself in the famous cartoon with the caption: “Meanwhile I have the tremendous/horrendous fortune of waking up next to Homer this Sunday on The Simpsons.” In celebration of this exciting news we have taken a look back at some of our all time favourite cameo moments…


1. Lady Gaga

In May 2012, Gaga’s Little Monsters were in luck as the star appeared in the final episode of season 23 aptly titled, “Lisa Goes Gaga”. Gaga – who is apparently a huge fan of the show – comes to Springfield and teaches Lisa a lesson in how being yourself is the key to happiness and the pair even do a duet.



2. Katy Perry

After appearing – somewhat controversially-  in Sesame Street, it was a natural next step that the songstress would be cast in the Muppets/Sesame Street style parody for episode titled, “The Fight Before Christmas.” The star played the girlfriend of one of the puppets, Mo and the episode is the only time in the Simpsons they used live action filming as opposed to animation.



3. Simon Cowell

Him of high waisted trouser fame loves the Simpsons so much he has appeared in the hit show twice. Originally starring as the character of Henry in season 15, Cowell returned in season 21 playing himself and judging for the Ugliest Dog in Springfield contest.


> Simon Cowell



4. Micheal Jackson

Back in 1991 when the Simpsons was only in season 3, Michael Jackson guest starred as Leon Kompowsky – a bald, yellow man Homer meets on a trip to a mental institution. Contrary to popular belief,  the singing in the episode was not Jackson himself.


> Micheal Jackson




5. J K Rowling

In a Simpsons London special titled “The Regina Monologues”, the Harry Potter author is one of the famous brits that Homer et al meet. Rowling isn’t the only one to guest star in this 2003 episode with Tony Blair and Ian Mckellan also playing themselves.

> J K Rowling



6. Zooey Deschanel


The New Girl star has starred not once, not twice, but three times on the show. Deschanel voices the character of Mary Spuckler, one of Cletus’ children who in one episode is forced to marry Bart.


> Zooey Deschanel




7. Ricky Gervais

In 2006 Matt Groening – a fan of Gervais’ The Office – asked him to co-write and star in an episode. Gervais described the experience a

s “a dream come true”

and returned to the show in 2011 to play himself in an episode centred on the controversy of Gervais’ Golden Globes performance.


> Ricky Gervais


8. N Sync

One of our favourite nineties boy bands NSync appeared in the season 12 episode titled “New Kids on the Blecch.” The boy starred alongside Bart and his own boy band, The Party Posse.


> N Sync



9. The Beatles

Over the years three out of four of the iconic band have starred on the show. Ringo Starr appearing first and this was followed by both Paul McCartney (with wife Linda), and George Harrisson. Matt Groening, the creator of the show, described having the stars on the show as a, “dream come true for all of us”.




10. 50 Cent

In the fittingly titled Pranksta Rap episode of season 16, 50 cent stars when Bart sneaks off to a rap concert.


















By Elizabeth Bennett