Leigh-Anne Pinnock Unveils A Painful-Looking Bruise On Snapchat

The 25-year-old singer admits she received the injury while 'drunk as a skunk'

Leigh-Anne Pinnock suffered a painful-looking drunken injury over the weekend.

The Little Mix singer, 25, took to Snapchat yesterday morning to show fans a bruise on her cheek, just below her eye.

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Leigh-Anne Pinnock displayed a bruise on her face yesterday

With a make-up free face and a messy ponytail, Leigh was lying in bed with a pal and chatting about the night out.

When she lamented: ‘My face hurts,’ friend asked what happened. Leigh then replied: ‘I fell out of a car, drunk as a skunk.’

Eep. Leigh-Anne’s Snapchat came hours after reports emerged that she was recently ‘attacked’ by a man at a London restaurant.

A source told The Sun: ‘He kept saying: “If my girlfriend was here, you would both feel really intimidated.”

Little Mix

Leigh-Anne Pinnock is best known as 1/4 of Little Mix

‘And then he said something like “shut up” to Leigh-Anne’s friend. Leigh-Anne turned around and said: “Don’t say that to her,” or: “Don’t be rude.”

‘And he walked around the table and leant into her and gave her a clean slap on the face.’

Leigh-Anne was reportedly left in tears by the incident, with the witness adding: ‘He was really aggressive. He seemed like he had been drinking.

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‘She was laughing about it at first but then she completely broke down, crying. Her friend was comforting her.

‘Leigh-Anne kept saying she wanted to go home. She walked off hysterically crying. Her friend had her arm round her. She looked a mess and she was crying her eyes out.’

A police spokesperson told the newspaper: ‘Police were called on Monday, November 28 at around 4.50am by a woman who stated that a man had threatened to assault her and had assaulted another woman she was with.

‘The suspect made off prior to police arrival. Officers conducted a search of the area and did not locate the suspect.’

No arrests have been made and enquiries are ongoing, they added.