These Lego Slippers Will Change Your Life

Most of us have fond memories of playing with Lego when we were younger, but we probably also have memories of those little colourful bricks causing us immense pain, too. We can still feel it now; that moment when you accidentally tread on a stray brick with your bare feet, and then have to peel it away from your skin, all while squealing at the sharpness of those little edges. It makes us shudder even thinking about it.

But for some lucky Lego-fans, this will no longer be a problem. Last week, French advertising agency Brand Station unveiled a pair of protective slippers they’d created for Lego, as part of a Christmas promotion. The open-back slippers, now being dubbed ‘anti-Lego slippers’, can be worn on either foot, and come in the classic red and yellow design, proudly embellished with the Lego logo. Most importantly, they’re packed with padding to protect your tootsies – the save parents the pain of stepping on tiny plastic.

“Because your kids love the ‪#‎LEGO… But that they love above all share their passion in the entire house… This year, we have imagined for you parents the ultimate gift for ‪#‎Christmasslippers lego to the sole padded which will enable you to walk you in the middle of the night in the house… Without any worries! #‎noellego2015”

They might sound too good to be true, and in a way, they are. According to a French blog, only 1,500 pairs of slippers were made, and they’ll be given away at random to avid Lego fans who fill out a Christmas wish list on the French version of the website.

Unsurprisingly, the foot-saving product has gone viral on social media, with people tweeting in both joy for their existence, and disappointment that they weren’t around 10 or 20 years ago, when we were in the height of our Lego fandom.

These lego slippers will definitely be added to our Xmas wish list!

By Sarah Kwong