Lauren Pope On Being Bullied By Cruel Internet Trolls

Lauren Pope rose to fame on TOWIE – but sadly, not everything about being in the spotlight has been entirely positive for her.

In fact, the 33-year-old has been forced to hit back at internet trolls who’ve targeted her for her looks. *Sigh*.

Lauren’s admitted to having both a nose and boob job in the past, and it’s this that people have been bullying her over.

> Lauren Pope looked a little different when she first came to fame


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However, despite the cruel comments, she’s kept a positive attitude.

Lauren tells The Sun: ‘I’ve been honest about what I’ve had done and I’d be stupid to think people wouldn’t talk about it.

> Lauren Pope has been open about her nose job


‘I’ve had a boob job and I’ve had my nose done. I can’t undo it. You get on with it. I understand everyone thinks I look like an alien and I’m fine with it.

‘If everyone else has a problem, it’s their issue.’

Er, an ALIEN? We think you’re far from that, lady.

> Lauren Pope’s also had her boobs done


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And anyway, even if she had changed her mind about her procedures, she wouldn’t be dwelling on it.

She continues: ‘You shouldn’t regret things. You have got to live and learn. It’s what I wanted at the time.’



Would Lauren consider having more surgery in the future? Well, she hasn’t ruled it out.

She adds: ‘Right now, I’m done, but you never know what you’re going to want when you’re 50.’

Whatever you think about cosmetic procedures, we want to reiterate that it’s NEVER okay to send people cruel comments online. We’re just glad Lauren is rising above it.