Lauren Goodger Sets The Record Straight On Mark And Michelle

'I have moved on, he has moved in. He's happy, I'm happy'

Lauren Goodger wants everyone to know that she definitely has no issue with Michelle Keegan.

Of course, Michelle is married to Mark Wright, who the 29-year-old was in a turbulent on-off relationship with throughout her teens and early 20s.

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Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger

Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger dated on-off for years

But now that Mark and Mich, both 29, have been wed for a year, Lauren is keen to reiterate that she’s completely over her ex-TOWIE co-star.

Lauren appeared on Loose Women yesterday, where she was asked whether being voted ‘Number One Beach Body’ in a recent poll felt like a victory for her.

Michelle has been given the same title in the past, but was placed lower than Lauren this year.

Mark Wright is now married to Michelle Keegan

Mark Wright is now married to Michelle Keegan

Panellist Andrea McLean admitted she was being a ‘bit cheeky’ posing the question, but Lauren took it as an opportunity to shut the rumours down.

She said: ‘Can I just please put this to bed from the horse’s mouth? That ship sailed so long ago, I have no feelings whatsoever, good or bad.

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Lauren Goodger on Loose Women

‘I have moved on, he has moved in, he’s happy, I’m happy. I understand why people bring it up all the time because of TOWIE because we both worked together, I get that.

‘But trust me now there is no hate. I am so happy for him, I am happy in my own life and that’s all I’ve got to say.’

We’re glad to hear it, lady. And we’ve got even more good news about Lauren – she’s returning to TOWIE!

Lauren Goodger on Loose Women

She continued: ‘I am doing the next series. Yes. I said I would love to come in as Lauren, because nobody knows who I am. I’ve always been in a drama or in a relationship on TV.

‘Now it’s about me, I have no drama. I can go on and be one of the girls.’

We’re already excited.