Mark Wright’s Ex Lauren Goodger Says Michelle Keegan Is ‘Nice’

The ex-TOWIE lady spoke out on Instagram yesterday...

Nobody likes hearing about their ex-boyfriend’s new partner, do they?

So while it may have been years since Lauren Goodger and Mark Wright split up, we can’t imagine she particularly enjoys talking about his now-wife Michelle Keegan.

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Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger

Mark Wright and Lauren Goodger dated on-off for a number of years

But Lauren, 30, proved that there’s no bad blood between herself and Michelle during an Instagram Live video yesterday.

Viewers saw Lauren and her pal Frankie Essex looking casual as they enjoyed a night in watching Celebrity Big Brother together.

But unfortunately for the ex-TOWIE lady, some people wanted to steer the subject away from the Channel 5 show.

Bedtime Relaxing Pout 👄 @spmbycourtney thank you for my brows and lipline 😘

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They kept posting messages about Michelle, 29, which were popping up on Lauren and Frankie’s screen.

This led Frankie to exclaim: ‘We don’t even hate on Michelle. She’s beautiful,’ before Lauren added: ‘She’s nice!’

michelle keegan mark wright

Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan have been happily married since May 2015

This isn’t the first time that Lauren’s been forced to speak out about the Tina And Bobby actress.

Last year, she said on Loose Women: ‘Can I just please put this to bed from the horse’s mouth? That ship sailed so long ago, I have no feelings whatsoever, good or bad.

‘I have moved on, he has moved on, he’s happy, I’m happy. I understand why people bring it up all the time because of TOWIE because we both worked together, I get that.

Lauren Goodger and Frankie Essex

Lauren Goodger and Frankie Essex chatted about Michelle Keegan on Instagram yesterday

‘But trust me now there is no hate. I am so happy for him, I am happy in my own life and that’s all I’ve got to say.’

We’re glad to hear it, lady.