Lauren Goodger Sparks A Debate Over Cosmetic Procedures

The ex-TOWIE star confused her Twitter followers with her comments...

Lauren Goodger may have left TOWIE back in 2012, but she still knows how to get us talking.

It would appear the 30-year-old has managed to ruffle a few feathers online, having caused a lil’ controversy over comments about cosmetic facial fillers.

She took to Twitter yesterday to post a surprising rant, which read: I really don’t like face fillers !! Girls please stop having filler in the face I think it looks so ugly! Lips ok I understand tiny but this.’

She went on to add: ‘The Puffy cheek look or where ever you have it looks like got puffy face!! Just makes looks older ! Minimal is the way forward!’

While some fans appreciated Lauren’s honesty, others spoke out against her somewhat controversial statements.

In support of the Essex gal, one user replied: ‘So true to many young girls destroying their faces it’s quite sad that they think that’s the look to have [sic].’

However, another wrote: ‘How about you leave other people’s decisions regarding their body up to them.’

Lauren – who’s been open about her experience with cosmetic work in the past – also received the response: ‘Kettle and black spring to mind’.

Eeep. We think any type of cosmetic surgery is a personal choice, but it’s safe to say Lauren’s sparked an interesting debate.

It would appear that Lauren has had quite the week in the press, having recently revealed an unexpected theory about Cheryl and Liam Payne’s baby news.

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Cheryl and Liam Payne

Liam Payne and Cheryl have some very exciting baby news

Speaking of the couple’s secrecy, Lauren told Closer: ‘It’s so strange that Cheryl has been so secretive about her pregnancy. I’ve questioned whether it’s even real. I’m not sure why she’s hiding away.’

We’re pretty sure the pregnancy is real, lady! What are your thoughts on the cosmetic procedure debate? Let us know over on Twitter @lookmagazine.

Alice Perry