Lauren Goodger Hits Back At Criticism Of *That* Dummy Photo

Lauren Goodger may not be a parent – but she’s already causing parenting debates.

As we reported last week, the ex-TOWIE lady came under fire after she posted an Instagram snap of her two-year-old nephew Teddy.

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This photo of Lauren Goodger’s nephew stirred a debate


So far so innocent, right? But it was the fact that the tot was using a dummy that got people in a tizz.

Of course, she received plenty of positive comments (we mean, Teddy is ADORBS), including: ‘So cute,’ and: ‘This is a lovely photo.’

But others wanted to voice their strong opinions on children wearing dummies, referencing the age that you ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ be allowing them.

Lauren Goodger is clearly a doting aunt


Hmmm. Luckily for Lauren, she received plenty of support from her followers.

One comment read: ‘Out come the dummy police! You people going on about him having a dummy are ridic! Who cares!’

Another said: ‘If it’s not your child, it’s not your concern/problem. Kid looks happy, healthy and is obviously loved. All that matters.’


Now Lauren, 29, has had her own say.

She’s written in her new! column: ‘Oh my God! I had such a backlash over this photo I posted of Teddy with a dummy. I know he looks older, but he’s only two.

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Now Lauren Goodger has hit back



‘And you can’t put an age on these things – all kids are different. It was like I gave it to him during the day while he was running around playing. It was about 6:30pm and he was tired. It’s a comfort thing.

‘Some children suck their thumbs, so what’s the difference? He’s only a baby. If it makes him happy, I’m not going to deprive him.’

In our opinion, parenting decisions all come down to choice. What are your thoughts? Let us know over on Twitter @lookmagazine.