Lauren Conrad Reveals The Truth About THAT Hairdo

Lauren Conrad became the talk of the LOOK beauty desk yesterday after posting a snap of herself with vibrant violet tresses, but The Hills star has now revealed it was an April Fools! Duh.

Admitting she hadn’t joined the likes of Kelly O and Nicole Richie – who have both dyed their naturally brunette locks a gorgeous shade of spring lavender – the 28-year-old re-posted the same picture as before on Instagram, only without the photoshop trickery that had us all duped.

“#aprilfools xo,” wrote the stunning reality star, who proved it was a clever filter that turned her sunny blonde hair an edgy pastel shade. 

We have to admit, we totally fell for the purple prank and now can’t pretend we’re not secretly a little bit gutted LC’s officially out of the cool hair club.

Looks like she’ll just have to stay in the luscious ombre locks brigade unless she decides to dye it for real.

Go on Lauren, we dare you…

By Claire Blackmore

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