Is Lauren Conrad Returning To Reality TV?

Um. Lauren Conrad, what are you doing to us?!

We’ve been all over The Hills nostalgia lately, with the former cast celebrating the 10 year Anniversary of the show.

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But then our girl LC only went and dropped a BOMBSHELL of a tease on her Instagram page.

Yup. She posted a picture of herself being filmed by a cameraman, doing what she does best (you guessed it, it involves a model and some gorgeous clothes). She even tagged MTV – WE KNOW – and then wrote the caption, ‘Never thought I’d see the day…’



What does it mean?!

The TV moguls have offered us very little in the way of more information.

All they’ve told us is that we should be checking Lauren’s Twitter account on Tuesday, 31st May at 11amET/8amPT. But they’ve actually dropped another hint with this time and date, as Hills fanatics (guilty) will know that this is the date that LC strutted out of Speidi’s wedding and off of our screens…


Naturally, her Instagram comment box was filled with speculation. Comments included: ‘Omg she’s having a new show’, ‘Hills round 2?’ and ‘YAY!!!! I hope this means what we all think this means!’

We don’t know about you, but we’d welcome LC’s pearls of wisdom on our screens once more.


We mean, who’s better at a little boy advice?

And she sure knows her way around some friendship drama too…