Laura Whitmore Has Had Her Say On Those Strictly ‘Bullying’ Claims

Laura Whitmore has spoken out about the recent allegations of 'bullying' during her time on Strictly Come Dancing...

As you may have heard, there has been quite a lot of speculation surrounding the departure of one particular Strictly Come Dancing couple.

A couple of weeks back, our Ballroom babe Laura Whitmore left the competition after failing to impress the judges.

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And, at the time, things seemed perfectly fine between Laura and her professional dance partner Giovanni Pernice…

In fact, as they left the competition both members of the dancing duo took to social media to thank one another for their Strictly experience- Laura writes, ‘Had the most wonderful time! Thanks to everyone for the support and kind messages’.

Giovanni shared a very similar message, writing ‘Thanks for the great journey together.. great partner and a great dancer @thewhitmore and thanks for all your support guys ! Love Gio’.

Since then, however, the rumour mill has been strife with allegations of bad blood between Laura and Gio.

A recent report published by The Sun had alluded to tensions having risen between the pair- a source shared, ‘During rehearsals, Laura got increasingly agitated with Gio’s tone and general rudeness. There’s certainly no love lost between them and it’s doubtful they’ll remain in contact when the series is wrapped up later this month’.

Giovanni Pernice and Laura Whitmore

Laura Whitmore injured herself in rehearsals with Giovanni Pernice

Earlier today, a new report had come to press alluding to further drama between the pair. The allegations suggested that Laura had behaved like a ‘bully’ to Gio during her time on the show, and alluded to a ‘toxic’ relationship.


Laura has taken to social media to nonsense these new claims- sharing that she is ‘heartbroken’ by the accusations. Laura writes ‘I believe in kindness. I am heart broken by the complete lies that have been printed today’.
We’re hoping you’re not paying to much attention to the allegations, Laura. Sending lots of love and good vibes.
Alice Perry