Why Do People Think BB’s Laura Carter’s Romance Is ‘Fake’?

So Big Brother came over all emotional last night.

The housemates’ shopping task saw them test their loyalty for each other, teasing them with the offer of being able to see loved ones. Eek.

Each contestant hid behind revolving turnstiles (very The Voice of you, BB), as they were given hints as to what lay behind them.

> The contestants were given swivelling podiums to stand in



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If they pressed the button to turn around and greet their visitor, they risked losing the task for the rest of the group.

So what did they do? Well, Jason Burrill managed to avoid swivelling for his beloved dog Cleo, although he was visibly moved by hearing her bark.

> Jason Burrill managed to resist the temptation to see his pet pooch


However, Hughie Maughan couldn’t resist saying hello to his mum, who’d brought along a cake to help him celebrate his birthday.

Then Emma Jensen, Andy West and Laura Carter were surprised with some very romantic guests.

Emma was ecstatic to see her partner Josh, while in a Big Brother first, Andy actually ended up getting ENGAGED to boyfriend Ed!

> Andy got engaged!


The ex-BBC journalist said after the proposal: ‘I’m so lucky. I knew it before but being in here… I can’t live without you. I can’t live without you.’

Aw. Our hearts are suddenly feeling all warm and fuzzy.

However, Laura’s story was a little different. She was reunited with long-lost lover Bernardo – and their back story is quite unique.

> Laura Carter’s long-lost love was waiting for her


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She explained on the programme: ‘This guy, I met in Miami two years ago, I was still engaged. We met in a club and it was pretty much love at first sight. He walked towards me – it was the strongest connection I’ve ever felt in my whole life.

‘I went home and told all my friends and family: “If I ever see that guy again I’m going to get married to him and have babies.” He’s the one!



‘We’ve met each other once, never kissed or slept together. Now he’s here with me on Big Brother, this experience has to top everything that’s ever happened in my whole life! He’s absolutely gorgeous.’

She definitely seemed excited to come face-to-face with him for the second time. And Bernardo didn’t even seem fazed by her raunchy, er, ‘antics’ with ex-housemate Marco Pierre White Jr.

He told her: ‘I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. it doesn’t come natural to me to judge what you’ve done.’

> Not too bad looking, is he?


Sweet, huh? But for some reason, not everyone was buying it.

One viewer Tweeted: ‘I feel like bernardo is an actor and his thing with laura is fake #BBUK,’ while another wrote: ‘This Laura Crap just screams “fake” how did they get in touch with him, why have they only met once? They’ve never kissed? #BBUK [sic].’

Crikey. Well, the course of true love never did run smooth…