Evicted Lateysha Has An Awkward Moment On BBBOTS

Lateysha Grace was voted out of the Big Brother house last night, after Jason Burrill chose her as part of a shock twist eviction. And it’s safe to say that fans of the show weren’t impressed by the move.

Reactions from the people at home included: ‘Didn’t see that coming!! Why did he choose Lateysha? No one expected that. #BigBrother #BBUK over’ and ‘Lateysha was my winner’.

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But it was her antics on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side that really got people talking.

Host Rylan Clark-Neal took the opportunity to quiz the former housemate on her antics in the Big Brother house. Natch, it soon turned to the subject of twerking, because, of course it did.

And Lateysha took the opportunity to showcase her skills. Because, of course she did.

Unfortunately, though, her dress was a little on the tight side. Well, that’s bodycon for you, eh ladies?



When she bent over, her denim dress completely split down the back, leaving her bottom exposed. Oh dear.

Rylan and Lateysha fell about laughing. She said, ‘Oh my god, that is what you call a twerk!’

Rylan, bless him, tried to help fix her dress.



The audience found the whole thing hilarious, and the BB evictee shouted, ‘Why is this happening to me?!’

Taking to social media, the former Valleys star joked, ‘And to top all that off my dress decides to split mid twerk #toomanydigestives #bbuk #bbots’.

Aw. At least she can see the funny side…