Some Viewers Criticise Big Brother’s Lateysha Grace

If you didn’t tune in to see the very first episode of Big Brother, you’ve missed out on a lot of drama already. 

It’s shaping up to be one controversial series. As well as the arrival of the ‘others’ (whose purpose on the show appears to be creating hell for the other housemates), there are also ‘fix’ claims rippling across social media due to the semi-famous names that have entered those sliding doors. 

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One such name is Lateysha Grace, who has formerly starred in reality show The Valleys. But she seems to be receiving backlash for a whole other reason. 


Eagle-eyed fans were quick to point out that, when talking about herself during her video introduction, she didn’t talk about the fact that she has a young daughter.

Many viewers seemed to take issue with that, and some even criticised the Big Brother star for signing up to the show and leaving her nine-month-old daughter at home.

Comments on Twitter included: ‘Lateysha’s baby isn’t even a year old and she’s committed to @bbuk for the summer’ and ‘Lateysha refused to mention she has an 8month old baby at home!! How can she do that leave her little girl! #CBB’ [sic].

Another viewer said, ‘Lateysha’s gone on big brother for potentially 3 months when she has a nearly 9 month old baby’.


The 23-year-old gave birth to her daughter Wynter Anna Grace last September, and has posted a number of cute snaps with her on her Instagram account which boasts over 200,000 followers already.

We’re sure that Lateysha has arranged amazing care for her little one (perhaps her ex, Wynter’s father?), and considering she’s only been on screen for a few minutes, we’re sure that she’ll be gushing about her in no time.