The Awkward I’m A Celebrity… Coming Out Moment On Everyone’s Lips

Viewers went a little crazy over Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb's reunion...

There was a pretty awkward moment on last night’s I’m A Celebrity… Coming Out.

The show followed our favourite contestants as they left the jungle and were reunited with their friends and families in the outside world.

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Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb

They also got to catch up with their fellow campers – but we don’t think two of them particularly wanted to.

In fact, Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb couldn’t hide their feelings when they first clocked eyes on each other. Eep.

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Larry was already out by the time Martin arrived at the Versace Hotel, where the stars and their loved ones had been staying.

Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb

Martin Roberts’ wife promptly told him about Larry Lamb’s comments after he left the jungle

As he entered the lobby, he excitedly greeted his former campmates with hugs and cheers.

But when he saw Larry, 69, they ended up in a less-than-friendly embrace as the ex-EastEnders actor said: ‘Welcome to the outside world.’

Martin, 53, replied: ‘Yeah thank you mate.’ He then appeared to pat Larry’s back a little harder than necessary, adding: ‘It’s nice to be here in reality, how are you?’

Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb

Martin Roberts and Larry Lamb didn’t exactly get on in the jungle…

Larry responded: ‘Very good,’ before they both backed away.

Martin then said: ‘Lovely’, to which Larry replied: ‘Good.’ And we didn’t know where to look.

Viewers agreed, with Tweets including: ‘Martin and Larry’s hug. Most awkward thing I’ve seen ever 😂😂 #ImACeleb #comingout,’ and: ‘How awkward was that between larry and martin 😂 #ImACeleb.’

Making things even more cringe-worthy, when Larry had exited the jungle a day earlier, we’d seen him enthusiastically green Martin’s wife Kirsty and their two children.

But he hadn’t bargained on the fact that Kirsty had seen him label Martin a ‘lower middle class snob’ on screen – which she promptly told her hubby after his exit.

For some reason, we don’t think these two will be sending each other Christmas cards…