Blake Lively Admits Huge Beyoncé Crush

Blake Lively is now rivalling the whole of the LOOK office in the ‘Biggest Crush on Beyoncé’ stakes, after the Gossip Girl star gushed about her idol at London’s Chime For Change concert on Saturday.

Speaking to Digital Spy after the bootylicious Bow Down singer had just finished smashing the stage with husband Jay Z at the Twickenham gig, the gorgeous actress and wife of Ryan Reynolds revealed the full extent of her Beyoncé obsession. 

“I have a huge crush on her!” Blake admitted. “I would be so much more excited if you would let me run away from you right now and go bang on her dressing room door and break in.”

“I am such a huge fan of Beyoncé and when she is on stage she just takes over”, she continued. “She’s got such a beautiful voice, she’s the most incredible dancer and there’s such a sweetness and appreciation about her.

“When she’s standing on the stage you can see her take in the stage and take in the moment, and there’s such beauty to that.”

The 25-year-old Gucci spokesgirl was attending the brand’s concert fundraiser to raise awareness for global womens’ issues. Looking stunning in a billowing white cape dress accessorised with an armful of Lorraine Schwartz bracelets, hot pink pointed-toe Christian Louboutin pumps and pear-drop earrings, she also told reporters at the event: 

“I wish [we] had a teenage daughter right now so she could look up to Beyoncé. The words to her songs, they’re never objectifying women, they’re saying how women should be treated.” 

Please can these two start hanging out? We’d love to see a Blake, Bey and Blue Ivy lunch date in action…

By Robyn Munson

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