The A-List Workout That Burns 1000 Calories An Hour!

The hottest A-list workout has just landed in the UK. Yup, everyone’s talking about the revolutionary cardio workout – the Lagree Method. The pimped up pilates class is huge in the US and the number one secret to sculpting the bodies of everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Sofia Vegara. Oh, and it burns 1000 calories in just 50 minutes….we’re sold!

“The Lagree Method works your core,” founder Sebastien Lagree told us. “As well as your flexibility, balance and endurance.” The class uses a mega former machine [think of a big treadmill and reformer chair combined]. “I added heavy springs that move on the front and back of platform which add weight and challenge your body,” Sebastien says. “This helps to improve your overall strength and work more muscles deeper.” 

Lagree Fitness: Sofia Vergara on her machine Lagree Fitness: Sofia Vergara on her machine


Throughout the hour-long class you’ll be put through your paces, with a series of 60 second moves on the mega reformer, using your body weight to push in and pull back the platform. “Your body will shake at the beginning,” warns Sebastien, “as your body is finally tapping into muscles you’ve never used before.” Intense? Yes. Worth it? .

“You will feel sore the first three classes,” admits Sebastien. “But you start to really appreciate it as your tapping into parts of your body you can’t do with conventional weight training.”

And the best news? You will see results immediately. “I’ve seen people lose two or three inches in the first week,” says Sebastien. “It reshapes your abs. The Victoria’s Secret angels all love this workout because it tightens your body without bulking you up.”

50 minutes to Jennifer Aniston’s killer body. Um, where do we sign up?

Lagree Fitness Lagree Fitness


Classes start from £15,

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