Lady Gaga’s ‘New Look’ Leaves X Factor Viewers Baffled

Lady Gaga causes confusion as fans comment on how 'different' her face looks during her X Factor performance...

Well, Lady Gaga’s The X Factor performance caused a bit of a stir, didn’t it?

The US songstress has been off the radar for a little while, so many fans were seriously excited to see their favourite crooner taking to the X Factor stage.

And can we just say, her performance did NOT disappoint. Whattavoice.

However, Gaga’s vocal prowess was soon overshadowed by the way she looked, because some viewers thought she looked a little ‘different’ from her usual self.

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Fans were confused over Gaga's 'new look'...

Fans were confused over Gaga’s ‘new look’…

As soon as Gaga appeared to belt out new single Million Reasons, fans flocked to Twitter to comment on the star’s changed appearance.

‘Lady Gaga looks so different!’ one tweeted, with another adding: ‘Has Lady Gaga changed her face?’

Whilst a third was downright flabbergasted, posting: ‘How is that Lady Gaga? She has a completely different face! Who is this imposter?’

Considering she’s one of music’s biggest chameleons, and has worked more looks than Beyonce and RiRi put together, we weren’t too shocked, TBH.

We actually thought Gaga looked pretty normal?

Still, it certainly got viewers worked up. But hey, it wouldn’t be Gaga without a bit of controversy now, would it?