Lady Gaga Was Body-Shamed During The Super Bowl, And It’s Not Okay

The 30-year-old singer was mocked for having a 'flabby' stomach, which is RIDICULOUS...

It’s safe to say that Lady Gaga TOTALLY smashed it at the Super Bowl yesterday.

The 30-year-old singer wowed as she reeled off her hits at the NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas, working a series of bedazzling outfits.

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Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl 2017

She donned everything from a silver David Bowie-inspired Atelier Versace leotard to a football-themed Versace number featuring a white crop top and silver bottoms.

And that’s not to mention the pink jersey and matching helmet she wore backstage before the show. Smokin’.

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Warming up 🤘🎤🏈

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So we’re shocked – and, TBH, quite horrified – to learn that Gaga’s been body-shamed for the way she looked on stage.

This is despite the fact that her performance included aerial manouevres, an insane dance routine AND a brave jump, which we’re pretty sure would require someone to be in peak physical condition.

One ridiculous troll Tweeted: ‘Tried to enjoy @ladygaga’s performance, was distracted by the flab on her stomach swinging around #SuperBowl,’ while another lashed out: ‘Was her stomach not hanging over her belly shirt? yes it was and it looked horrible. #TRUTH.’

Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl 2017

REALLY? We think Gaga looked amazing, and can’t see one thing wrong with her tum.

But even if there was ‘flab’ there, who in the hell cares? It’s 2017, people, and we should be praising people for being confident in their own skin.

Happily, hundreds of others have stuck up for Gaga.

Lady Gaga at the Super Bowl 2017

More positive messages include: ‘All of these people talking s*** about @ladygaga stomach during her #SB51 performance. What do they look like? She’s a real chick. Sit down,’ and: ‘Lady gaga puts on an amazing performance and had so much fun and the only thing you can say is her stomach is flabby? f*** you [sic].’

You tell ’em.