Lady Gaga And Ke$ha End Animal Fur Feud

Lady Gaga has thanked Ke$ha publicly for admitting that a supposed complaint letter she wrote to the star was a fake.

It all kicked off yesterday when a letter presumed to be from Ke$ha surfaced on a Lady Gaga fan site. It read: “It upsets me to see you, a role model to many, especially those who are fashion forward would openly endorse such a cruel and inhumane practice. Animals are skinned and tortured for hours in order to make the fur that you, and other individuals of the upper class, lavishing wear around proudly.”

Ke$ha then allegedly challenged Lady Gaga to “reconsider her decision to wear fur again”.

Today, Ke$ha took to her Twitter page to deny the letter was from her. She said: “Animals+ @ladygaga – jus woke up in Japan +heard that there’s a letter from “me” floating around.well it’s a fake.not from u all xx” (sic)

Clearly over the moon that there was no conflict between them after all, Lady Gaga responded: “Thanks for clearing up that the letter was fake. U are brave+know the meaning of acceptance. Box of animalcrackers coming ur way.” (sic)

So, that’s cleared that up then. Got an extra box of crackers for us, Gaga? RM