EastEnders’ Lacey Turner Tells Us All About Her Wedding Plans

The 29-year-old is busy organising her nuptials with beau Matt Kaye

EastEnders actress Lacey Turner has opened up about her upcoming wedding to fiancé Matt Kaye.

The couple got engaged last September, after over a decade of dating. They’re now gearing up for their big day, and it sounds like starting a family is also on the horizon.

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She said yes….ooooosssshhhhhhhh #fiance @laceyturner

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Lacey, 29, tells OK!: ‘We can’t wait to get married and fill our house with children,’ while Matt adds: ‘I’m really looking forward to becoming a dad.’

‘I’ve got my great nan’s wedding ring, which is 108 years old,’ Lacey explains. ‘I was four when she passed away and she was the loveliest lady. I get a funny feeling when I put it on.’

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Lacey Turner plays Stacey Slater in EastEnders

Lacey – who plays Stacey Slater in the BBC1 soap – has already bought her dream dress, and she’s totally shunned the idea of a crazy pre-wedding diet.

She continues: ‘I’ve put on a few pounds since I bought my wedding dress, it’s so tight and they can’t let it out!

‘What I’ve done now is I’ve eaten all the chocolate in the house so there’s no more to be tempted by until my wedding.


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‘I do feel more comfortable now, but I bought the dress when I was smaller. My best friend told me to get it in the bigger size, but the woman I bought it from said she’d never known a bride to put on weight before her wedding – I must be the exception!

‘I’m sure it will be fine – when the nerves kick in I’ll probably lose a few pounds!’

LOLz, she’s a woman after our own hearts. You’ll look incredible whether you lose a few pounds or not, Lacey! A huge congratulations to you.