EastEnders’ Lacey Turner Unveils Some Seriously Incredible Body Art

EastEnders fans are loving the 29-year-old actress's new ink...

We’re used to being blown away with her explosive storylines on EastEnders. But now, Lacey Turner (AKA Stacey Slater) has managed to blow us away in real life.

The 29-year-old actress has taken to social media to share an amazing set of tattoos across her back and shoulders, which have led to quite the reaction from fans.

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She's the best ūüĎĆūüŹĽ @aggyink

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Sharing a snap of the finished pieces – which were created with colour and dot work technique – the 29-year-old’s followers have been quick to compliment the artwork.

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Comments include: ‘Absolutely beautiful tattoos’ and: ‘Omg¬†@laceyturner¬†that back piece looks so beautiful!’

People of Instagram, we could not agree more… Get a load of this!

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As beautiful as the artwork is, it’s believed to have a¬†much deeper meaning than just the aesthetic.

The symbols chosen by Lacey are often assumed to have strong spiritual connotations, and maintain ties with Indian culture and the Hindu faith.

The Hamsa¬†tattoo – which is the symbol in the centre of Lacey’s back – is regarded as being a symbol of protection in some cultures. The two birds on her shoulders suggest freedom and hope. The¬†symbol of the elephant – below Lacey’s Hamsa – is often assumed to represent¬†strength, power and dignity.

Major new tattspo? We think yes.

Aside from getting inked, Lacey is also gearing up to marry her fiancé Matt Kay after 10 years together Рand perhaps start a family.

She recently told¬†OK!: ‘I’m ready for motherhood, and I want four children – Matt wants three.’

We don’t know about you, but we cant wait to see what the next few years bring for Lacey!

Alice Perry